The Meaning of the Ocean

The ocean is a power symbol of chaos, however it’s also has other meanings behind it. To me the ocean symbolizes rebirth or a fresh start to life. Every time I’m stressed or I’m going through a dark time, I go to the ocean because it makes me feel at peace. It’s where my heart and soul are the most connected to. When life gets rough, the ocean is there to calm you down. Hearing the waves crash onto the shore or rocks below or to the side, can symbolize different events in life that are coming together for good or bad. Leaving the ocean, I always feel refreshed, like I have been cleansed from my sins and I have a new chance to make good. Out of every bad situation, there always follows something beautiful. The ocean is beautiful, even after a stormy day. Diving into the waves, feeling the salt water consume your body, and to walk out with skin feeling smooth, your body has been wiped away from the toxicity of your life. Yes there will always be times of tremor, that’s how life is. The ocean isn’t perfect. Neither are you or I. What does the ocean mean to you? What does it symbolize?

One thought on “The Meaning of the Ocean

  1. Hi Sammy,
    Thanks for the inspirational post. Several months ago my family of 3 made a deliberate move to live a few minutes from the beach and ocean – and it has been wonderful. The tides are so dramatic and the movement of the waves so perpetual that you just have to settle back in acceptance. And immersing in the waves is so cleansing for me.
    (My birth name is Sammy, too, by the way!)

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