Body Positivity: Inner Happiness

To find your inner happiness you must make yourself happy before anyone else. You have to be comfortable in your own skin, who you’ve become, and if you’re not happy with your life then make changes. Follow your goals and dreams. Strive for greatness because you deserve nothing less than perfect. My journey of finally being happy with myself, started with getting rid of my negative thoughts. I was on a type of birth control called, Nexaplanon. It was giving me depressive thoughts and almost suicidal, which was bad for my mental health. From there, I decided to take on yoga. Yoga relieved all my stressed and helped me find my inner peace. I also underwent a massive wardrobe change. My wardrobe wasn’t representing me as who I am as a person. Then for a while I wasn’t quite sure what I was missing to be truly happy. This is when I learned my purpose. My purpose in life is to help as many people as I can. Hence why I created this blog again. It has been a huge goal of mine to create something like this and I have truly found my inner happiness, my purpose, where I belong in this world. My story may not reflect on the kind of person you are, but I hope it inspires you to find your happiness because you deserve to be happy. Nothing less than 110% percent. You have to love yourself before someone else. If you’re happy and love yourself, than you’re going to be happy to make someone else happy. Prioritize yourself first, before anyone else. In the end, your happiness is key to following your goals in life. For me, I am confident in myself and not afraid to show off my body, because I’m happy with myself. I love myself. I’m at a point in my life where my happiness is flourishing. I hope for whomever is reading this, you can prioritize yourself first, and find what makes you happy inside and out. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What do I love about myself?” or compliment yourself everyday. For example, “Dam my booty is poppin'”. Find what works for you.

7 thoughts on “Body Positivity: Inner Happiness

  1. Hey Sam! Found your blog whilst looking for some Body positivity tips and more and I just wanted to say that whatever you’ve been through, made you a strong ass woman! So happy to read about how you coped with everything 😀 Keep going

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. I loved the part about loving yourself first, it’s true you can’t help/ make other happy if you aren’t happy yoourself. Keep up the good work 🤗

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