Dark Places: Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression one of many forms of depression that happens very commonly in women after having a baby, losing a baby, or even giving a baby up for adoption. The love you develop for your child even if it was for a few months, weeks, or forever is the purest of forms of love there is. There are two different kinds of severity: it’s either mild, which means lasts maybe a few weeks, couple months, or less than a year. Then there is medium, which means it has a longer time period. Most women don’t know they have postpartum till someone recognizes the change in behavior in that person. Men can also suffer from postpartum depression, although it’s not as common in men as it is in women. It feels as if you don’t have control in your thoughts, emotions, and your actions. You want the best for your child, although you may not be in the right mindset. It’s okay if there are times you just can’t handle the pressure because it is a lot to handle having a child, especially if you are a new mom. From a personal experience, after giving my child up for adoption I had no idea I was suffering from postpartum because I never learned about till about a year ago. It happens to so many women. If you have a partner make sure you do your best to support your girlfriend, wife, partner, husband, or boyfriend. Make sure to constantly show them love, support, and if you see them getting frustrated, don’t be afraid to step in and help. You’re child’s safety should be your first priority. If you’re ever feeling angry, frustrated, irritated, etc. remove yourself from the situation take a few minutes to calm down, gather your thoughts, try to destress, then address the situation. You’re child is once again your first priority, especially their safety and their development of there first years of life. For example, if you use curse words or slang in their first years of life, they will learn those words and repeat them because they grew up learning those words, even if they don’t know the meaning behind them. If you have a mental breakdown, that’s okay. As long as you don’t have intentions on hurting your child. Let your emotions out. Crying is good. There are babies and children who do die because their parents or parent is experiencing postpartum depression. Even if you have to give up your child temporarily or for a few hours just help your mental health that should be your priority for yourself. Yes you will probably miss you child, but it will become a huge stress reliever and a huge benefit to your health. Postpartum depression may not be as severe as other forms of depression, however it should be a topic people must be informed about because it will make you more aware of others and you can help them and make a difference. The love you’ve developed carrying a child whether it is for a few months or full term, the love you have is special and is one of a kind. To suddenly lose a baby whether it’s from a miscarriage, abortion, or adoption, is ultimately the hardest times to go through. Your baby is special. So to develop postpartum is okay because ultimately you are grieving the loss of your child you have loved for so long. It’s life. We all have to go through pain, even if it seems like nothing is going to get better. It always will get better. Yes, it will take time. However, in the end it’s going to make you a better version of yourself. There are so many women and men who go through postpartum you’re never going to be truly alone.

3 thoughts on “Dark Places: Postpartum Depression

  1. This speaks entirely most of the people out there who’ve parted ways with their love ones,and having that said we must indeed take care and give importance to each and everyone who’s around us. What a lovely post.

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