Emotions: Lust

A lot of people get lust and love confused. What defines lust? Lust is when you have a strong sexual desire for another person, animal or object. Most relationships at first tend to be in the “honeymoon phase” which also means the lust phase. Their sex lives are great. Both partners are extremely attracted to one and other. However besides lust in a sexual way, you can also experience it for money, power, or even food as a list of few others. Most people who aren’t looking for anything serious, tend to just want a partner purely for lust. We are humans after all. All living creatures have lust desires, wants, and needs. For example, in modern day society, lust can definitely be a prime example in the form of a text over social media or texting normally. “Sexting” is a form of lust for the other person. It may not always be a two way lust connection though. One partner maybe super into the conversation, while the other one isn’t. Another example is money. The desire to want more and more money is a form of lust. Most men connect to money lust because if you look at most billionaires or millionaires, they’re men generally. To have so much money and power pretty much boosts their ego and just gives them the satisfaction of lust. When someone tells you “I love you” within the first couple of months in a relationship, it typically means that they don’t necessarily “love” you, but instead they lust you. They have that strong sexual desire for your looks and body. Most of the time people don’t care about your personality, they just want to get pleased in the lust kind of way. Typically when someone has lust for you, they will try to get you to come over to their house. That’s one of the biggest signs. Typically when someone says come over in their head they plan on having sex with you instead of actually spending quality time together. If someone was in it for the right reason, they would respect who you are and your choices you make. My experiences are always the same. There is the one guy who slides into my dm’s and tries to get me to sleep with him. Another way to know when someone is lusting after you, is when they send you a nude, whether it’s a simple dick picture, an butt picture, or something else, it’s an indication that they want to sleep with you. Especially if you haven’t met the person in person before. Those are major red flags if you’re someone that’s not wanting just sex, but more than that, like a potential relationship. Yes, sex is nice, however it’s not the essential part of a relationship. Lust isn’t necessarily always bad either. When you lust for your partner, chemicals from each others saliva intertwine and you grow more attractive to one and other. These chemicals enhance the dopamine that is released and drives you to lust evidently. You do grow more attracted to your partner. However, if you lust towards other people while you’re with your partner, just save them time and leave them. It’s worse knowing that you’re not committed to them and you’re feelings aren’t true as you thought they were. Lust is evidently just something that everyone has, but we need to learn how to control it. Also, not everyone enjoys nudes. Save it for in person.

5 thoughts on “Emotions: Lust

  1. I think we see a lot of guys struggle with this. Sometimes sexual desire will get in the way of one’s capacity to love especially if that’s the focus early on when getting to know someone. Good piece!

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  2. This is so true especially in today’s society of online dating platforms. It gives way to letting guys use them as a way to expose their lust and devalue women like that.

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