Body Positivity: Healthy Choices

We all make choices to give to our bodies whether their bad or good. For example, us as a living organism, we enjoy feeding our bodies drugs or alcohol because it makes us feel better. With the introductions to fast foods, such as, McDonald’s or Chipotle, we are exposed to many different chemicals that we expose our bodies to, that can potentially hurt them. Puberty in our children are starting earlier because of these toxins and chemicals we give them through fast food. The average age for a child now its 10 years old. It’s understanding if you’re out of town or don’t feel like cooking, however you should always be aware of what you’re feeding your body. Be aware of calorie count! Ever since I’ve moved to CSUB, I am more aware of what I’m feeding my body because they have calorie count. So every time I’m feeding my body, I know exactly what to eat and how many calories. Limit your food intake. If you over indulge in food majority of the time, you will evidently gain weight. If you’re going to eat meat, the order from most healthy to least healthy choice of meat is fish, chicken, beef, then pork. If you have children and they don’t like vegetables, there are many different ways to put veggies with food. For example, you can put broccoli mixed with cheese. Another example is carrots you can mix them in a blender and make an apple sauce out of them. Make food fun for kids as well! Call broccoli trees or salmon pink chicken. If you make food fun and enjoyable, they’ll more and likely will eat it. If you decide one night to go grab a bite to eat, make sure you really read what they have included in that item, or go to places like Panera Bread or order something that you know will benefit you and your body. For example, I go on salad kicks. Anywhere I go, I decide to get a salad for anything else. However, I’m still reading the information so I know what I’m getting myself and my body into. Going back to drugs, drugs can harm your body. The ones prescribed from your health care provider aren’t the ones I’m addressing. The one’s we really need to be concerned about are the hardcore one’s, like heroine, nicotine, tobacco, etc. These drugs will shut down your organs, especially vital one’s like your heart, lungs, and even brain. You only have one body, take care of it. Stuff my not show up when you’re young and feeding your body these toxins, but as you get older, you’ll begin to really notice the difference these drugs will take on you. For example, when you smoke cigarettes, you’re not only filling your lungs with black smoke from the tobacco, but you’re also feeding it to your entire body. The lasting effects can be as serious as cancer, death, and lots of body hair/skin defects. To change these habits, it’s okay to seek medical/ professional help. All actions have consequences good or bad. Diet’s don’t always work for everyone. Personally I’ve tried a few diets, but honestly, it’s more harm than good. If they work for you, then stick with it. Fitness is another way to keep healthy and active. You don’t always have to go to the gym to work out or to burn calories. There are so many different forms of exercise. For example, I use to play soccer and softball growing up. I would go to personal training to better myself in these areas. However, there are other forms I do now. I’m into yoga, cardio (running), and dancing for fun. It keeps me physically and mentally healthy. If you want to try something out, don’t be afraid to try something new. You may end up liking it more than you realize. Even going hiking. Give it a shot! There are a wide variety of trails out there that range from super difficult to extremely easy. I enjoy hiking once in a while because it gives you a break from all the technology and chaos. Another healthy change would to limit how often you spend your time on any kind of device. You maybe thinking to yourself “I know, I know”, but do you really? You never realize how much time you spend on your devices until one day you don’t have cell service. Taking a break from technology can be extremely beneficial on your health. It will make you less lazier and more active. You will sleep better at night. It will also make you your overall mental health better. For example, you’ll be away from all the drama. Drama causes a lot of chaos and conflict in any person’s life. I personally can put my phone down and not touch it for a whole week. I can have a life outside of my phone. I don’t have to constantly rely on others. Going back to food. The more healthier the food’s you put into your body, the more energized you can be throughout the day. When I played college soccer, I noticed that I was more alert and awake after switching my diet around. I can go through an entire day without taking a nap or feeling tired, until it’s close to bed time. Sleep is another thing that should definitely be addressed because getting 4 hours or less a night (excluding new parents) can also have an overall effect on your health. You’re tired, moody, can potentially start to hallucinate. You should always strive for a full 8 hours of sleep. It will be beneficial to your overall health. You’ll be more alert, motivated, positive, and can think more clear. Even if it’s 7 hours of sleep, that’s still better than 4 or less. You’ll end up hurting people by the words you say without being aware of them. Even if you’re unhappy in a relationship, leave it. If you’re miserable and just don’t feel accepted, then leave the situation. Find someone who is going to accept you for who you are. Some relationships in your life can be extremely toxic without your acknowledgment of them. For example, I’ve cut out many people in my life because they’re not good people. They may think they’re benefiting and helping, but ultimately they’re just carrying about themselves and their wants or desires. Put yourself as the number 1 priority. Your life will become significantly better. Making simple changes can greatly increase your health. You’ll become happier with yourself and the way other people treat you. If someone treats you poorly, get them out. You shouldn’t feel degraded by anyone. I’ll be honest, I am someone who doesn’t want abs or has the desire to ever get them, however I do want to maintain my health and weight and shape my body up. My body is valuable to me. My health is valuable to me. The outside factors of my life are valuable to me. I want to live as long as a life as I can, and so should you. Do the things you’ve always wanted to try or do. New experiences can teach you a lot about yourself and can help you find yourself. Also, to discover the kind of person you are inside and out. As a side note before I close this, I have cheats days, but they’re only on the weekends because I work hard during the week to get to enjoy the pay off in the end. Keep in mind that every choice you make ALWAYS has consequences, whether it’s good or bad. It will lead to something else.

8 thoughts on “Body Positivity: Healthy Choices

  1. I feel like I am someone who has struggled with addiction and to hear its okay to seek help if needed through this, I definitely feel a lot safer and comfortable.

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  2. I do have insecurities about my body, especially after eating something that’s bad for my body. To know how to create healthy habits is super helpful!

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  3. Hit the nail on the head again especially with the sleep part. I’m all too familiar with the consequences of being sleep deprived. Throws your entire body and mind off

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  4. Your blogs are always so helpful Sam! I’m going to try and get myself away from using technology I sort of have an addiction to it especially my phone.

    P.S. I still love to call my broccoli little trees!

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  5. I do believe in trying to make healthy choices not only for a positive outcome but for progress. Noticing progress whether it comes to working out or making positive eating habits is a big confidence booster. This confidence can benefit your overall mood and can positively influence your other activities.

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