Dark Places: Major Depressive Disorder

Major depressive disorder is the most common form of depression that effects about 3 million people per year. We commonly diagnosed ourselves with this form of depression because of the signs and symptoms of it, however you must seek medical attention in order to get a proper diagnosis and professional help you need. In order to get a proper diagnosis, you must seek your medical provider. This is the only way you can truly get what you need, instead joking about being depressed. The symptoms to look out for/ be aware about are: sleep (insomnia, restless at night, early awakening), whole body (super hungry, fatigue, tired, loss of appetite), behavior (agitation, always crying, sensitive, isolated when is social situations), weight can either be loss or gained depending on the persona and what they’re experiencing, and cognitive thinking (unfocused, thoughts of suicide, slowness in activity). Something to note as well, is that men tend to have a higher risk of suicide than women do. Also, another thing to be aware about is that you’re more likely to commit suicide or attempt is as you’re getting better, especially when you’re going through things like withdrawal. Some treatments prescribed from a medical doctor include antidepressants (which don’t always work for everyone because of medical drug that’s actually inside it), therapy is another recommendation, such as cognitive, behavior, and psychotherapy, medications other than antidepressants like antipsychotic and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). You can potentially get a medical procedure done, called electroconvulsive therapy, which sends shocks throughout your body, but mainly the brain to trigger a seizure. You shouldn’t ever joke about being depressed because there are people who are actually diagnosed with depression, especially this form. If you’re just sad or upset, you may not actually be depressed. Something you are versus something you’re not, can make a difference and how you can get through things. Especially for major depressive disorder, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Depending on your age, whether you’re a teen or small child, the symptoms can be different. For example, for children they may become clingy, aches and pain, worry, or refusing to go to school. For teens, they may experience things like negativity, feeling worthless, anger, poor attendance and performance in an academic environment, using drugs, such as weed, or even being extremely sensitive towards others. The causes of this specific kind of depression can vary from biological differences, brain chemistry, to hormones and inherited traits. If you or someone you know has gone through or is currently going through some of these symptoms, encourage them to seek medical help, that way things don’t progress in a negative way and eventually get worse. Although from a personal stand point I haven’t gone through this form of depression, however just being in different environments, such as school, I pick up on people’s behaviors/ interactions. You need to be aware of your surroundings always, especially if you’re around someone who is depressed and has been diagnosed with it and you joke about it. They’ll get extremely defensive. It’s best to not joke about a serious matter, especially when it comes to major depressive disorder.

8 thoughts on “Dark Places: Major Depressive Disorder

  1. I have noticed people as well who have experienced things like that, especially isolation. I had a friend who cut everyone out of her life because she was “going through stuff”. I never realized she was actually depressed.

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  2. Depression is definitely something serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly at all, especially when it happens to you or a loved one. Great read today šŸ™‚

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