Emotions: Love (Part 2)

A topic most people don’t discuss is about relationships. Love does have a role when forming different kinds of relationships. First we will take a look into family. The moment we are brought into the world, we are loved by many people, especially our parents. We build bonds and trust right away. Your family and your relationship with them should be the most important kind of relationship you ever form. They give you endless love, support, tough love, and more because they know your potential. They will push you to your boundaries and almost past your breaking points. Yes you’ll feel hatred or anger towards them, but the lessons and experience and even stories they share with you, will ultimately have an impact on you in the future. I’ve done somethings to strain my parents trust, but that never stopped them from loving me and supporting my decisions I had to make. It will take time for that trust to be mended but it’s still not going to stop them for ever loving you. Even if you make a not smart decision in another relationship you have, they will love you. Family is the most important relationship there is. Another kind of relationship you can form is friendships. Friendships are amazing relationships to have, especially if you’re living by yourself, you need someone besides family to talk to, to have other people to have fun with, etc. Having really close friends, especially one’s whom you’ve known for years, can eventually become family. I have a friend, who I consider my brother because we’ve built a bond that I consider him family, besides a friend. Let’s say something happens within your family, who else are you going to turn to? Even having just a couple of friends can keep you sane. Having someone in your life that’s more than family or friends, a partner, can also be extremely beneficial. Whether you’re bisexual, lesbian, gay, straight, pansexual, etc, you can seek love or lust one a more serious matter. Building a bond over trust, feeling, compassion, lust, respect, honesty, selflessness, etc, can be the best feeling and emotion you can poses. A shared bond between you and someone else can make you a better person. The love you have for someone else, shouldn’t be easily given though. IF you fully love someone without any questions, doubts, or if’s about it, then tell them. If there is something you are unsure about don’t be afraid to ask your partner. They shouldn’t be scared to tell you anything. For example, if you find texts from another person, speak up. Don’t let it build up inside you. It’s better to talk to that other person, then to let it carry on and get worse. Save your feelings for someone who deserves them, not for someone who brings you down, shows you no compassion, no lust, no respect, etc. A relationship with a child is different for everyone. Whether it’s your own biological, adopted, or foster, you should try to treat every child the same. It’s understandable when you don’t feel like it’s your right or obligation to fill in that parent role, but if you do, your bond, trust, and overall relationship will get significantly better. Let your child have some freedom. Let them learn and grow in their own individual way. How else are they going to learn right from wrong if you’re always over shadowing them. If they need help or advice and they come to you, then step in. Be there for your child. Also, never jump to conclusions with the decisions your child makes. Take the time to hear them out when they’re ready on their own terms. You’ll only make them more upset if you step in at a certain time. Especially if it’s after your child’s first break up or even an argument with a friend. For a parent, be aware of your choices as well, especially around your children because it can leave a lasting effect on them.

7 thoughts on “Emotions: Love (Part 2)

  1. Amazing addition to Love! Part 2 was excellent, helps remind me how lucky I am to have such close friends who care and love me for who I am. Thank you Sam

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