Emotions: Stress

In our lifetime we experience so many different obstacles whether they’re good or bad. These challenges that we face make us who we are and the way we view or handle life. For example, after a crazy week at school or even at work, we feel stressed, angry, frustrated, or tense. Sometimes we can end our week on a good note, but that’s not always the case. We need to handle life with as much little stress as possible. Stress isn’t good for our mental, physical or emotional health. It can cause our skin to break out, grey hairs to form on our heads, cause us to lash out on those whom we love and care about, can cause diabetes, heart attacks, etc. Our bodies already go through enough daily stress. For example, we can reflect on the things we feed our bodies. Eating fast food can hurt our bodies, whereas eating healthier foods can make us feel happier and healthier. Sometimes we can hurt ourselves too from being stress. For example, we can punch holes in our walls or speed while driving on the freeway or city streets, where not only are you putting yourself out there in danger, but other people around you as well. Our mental health is really powerful because it drives us to make decisions like the one above. For me, I go through my week of school stressed, especially with assignments and test. To distress, I turn to yoga. Every time I go to yoga I’m tense and just fed up with the week. By the time I walk out after the class is over, I feel like a reborn baby. Another thing I turn to, especially with my love life or with my anger, is writing. I write down my feelings all the time to try to get some clarity. You must try to figure out what works best for you to be less stress. Most people look to working out to distress, which works for most but not for everyone. Sometimes escaping somewhere for a little while can make you think clearer thoughts. Sometimes for me looking at water and just watching the way it moves and everything can really speak to my soul. Stress can also effect how much food you eat. We tend to eat a lot more when we are stressed. For example, we may eat a whole bag of chips, instead of maybe a hand full or a cup. Then we wonder why we may gain a little weight. Yes it’s also nice to drink for others, but that can also lead you to worse things. We never think about the consequences for stress and what it really does. It can age us. I was dating this guy for a little while, he was only a couple of years older than me, but he looked like he was 32 because he was constantly under a lot of stress. You can by the way his body language was. Also, if you get extremely stressed ever in a work environment, around family, or friends to name a few, sometimes it’s best to leave the area to distress and calm down. You don’t want to hurt yourself or others. I remember when I was going through a period of so much stress because I was so worried about other things, I let myself go. I gained weight. I wasn’t really being who I am. I didn’t prioritize my mental health. Stress and medical problems can lead to anything. Stress causes too many negatives than positives. Sometimes the different kinds of relationships we have with people can cause us to get stressed. For example, when I was with an ex of mine, I was always constantly stressed out because I couldn’t trust him. He strained my trust. So all the time I would worry about what he was doing. He would go without communication literally all the time. Stress isn’t good. It makes not who we are. We are all different people with different back grounds. Find what helps you distress the most.Sometimes just taking time out of your day to do something like getting your nails done or going shopping can help out a lot with stress. Sometimes I have to walk outside to gather my thoughts and get my emotions out of control. Once I’m ready I’ll come back inside and deal with whatever I’m dealing with head on. Sometimes also switching jobs can make you feel happier and less stressed. The little changes you make in your daily life can effect you in the long run, especially the older you get.

5 thoughts on “Emotions: Stress

  1. Great blog Sam! Whenever I’m dealing with stress I tell myself life’s to short to dwell on things, I’m not the person I was yesterday or a week ago I have to move forward things get better! Working out or enjoying my weekend hobby also helps clear my head.

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