Emotions: Expression of Feelings

To allow yourself to open your heart up to someone is the best feeling ever in the world. To know that other person has feelings for you whether they’re strong, growing, or going away, it’s reassuring to know how someone feels about you. Men tend to hold their thoughts and feelings in, especially when it comes to relationships because they’re more afraid of what their partner may think or feel. To them they’re protecting their partners from getting hurt by their words. For females, we tend to be open and allow ourselves to become vulnerable to other people. We aren’t afraid to be loved or even gain feelings for someone because it’s in our nature to be loving and nurturing towards other people. Also, to express someone your feelings and thoughts about them or any kind of situation, can give them a chance to understand you better. For example, right now I am currently with someone. I want to express my feelings towards him because he makes me extremely happy. I personally haven’t been able to find someone who makes me feel as special as he does towards me. It’s also okay to not force your feelings to grow for someone. If something isn’t meant to be, it’s simply not meant to be. You shouldn’t force your feelings to happen, especially if you’re unhappy. If something makes you upset, then say it. You’re not going to get better if you don’t allow yourself to say what’s on your mind. Don’t bottle up your emotions because you’ll end up hurting more people than you realize. Not just a little either, but it’s going to hurt them a lot. Not everyone is perfect or created perfect. If your partner does something you don’t like, then let them know. How are they going to better themselves for you if they don’t know what to improve or work on as an individual. It all falls back to be able to become effective communicators too. If you’re able to communicate, then you’ll be able to get your point across. You’ll also become less stressed and worried if you express your concerns, worry, opinions, etc. For example, I was concerned my ex was cheating on me behind my back. He always played it off as if it was nothing. I always told him how I felt when he would do mischievous stuff behind my back because it was making me extremely upset. If you’re having relationship problems too or your partner does something to upset you, sometimes leaving the situation to cool off and collect your own thoughts and feelings would be a good option for yourself and that other person. You can prevent violence from happening, especially with objects being thrown at each other. Sometimes if you’re not very good at expressing how you feel, you can always right them down. For me, I write letters to express how I feel about someone because to me, I am able to articulate my words to express my feelings and emotions. Sometimes poetry can work well too. For example, there are many poets who express their feelings for someone with poetry. Look at Shakespeare. He was a poet who has many poems about love and lust for someone else. Don’t be afraid to express to someone how you feel. It’s nothing to be ashamed off. We all are human after all.

7 thoughts on “Emotions: Expression of Feelings

  1. Guys usually struggle with expressing their feelings growing up. I think this is mostly because the way we’re socialized. Men are taught to be stoic growing up. To keep everything inside, to be strong for their partner. For some reason men are led to believe that showing emotion is a sign of weakness. It sounds stupid but yeah. This can make admitting/expressing feelings a real struggle especially the first couple times. Realistically it shouldn’t be like this. Both partners should be there for each other. Just my perspective, but yeah good blog!

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