Colors and Their Effect on Our Habits and Actions

Different colors signify different ways we perceive things. For example, the color purple signifies royalty or blue is supposed to mean sadness. However, that’s just the start of the basic information on what colors can do. When we think of the color red, we think of anger or frustration. Usually tends to gravitate more aggressive emotions. Some quick facts to know about the color red, is that we tend to pick of the color the red the quickest. Our eyes are the most sensitive to this color. That’s why having a red car during the winter time or during weather conditions such as fog, you’re less likely to get into an accident with a red car. Also, red lights we also pick up the quickest. Red fire trucks signify emergency during chaotic time. Yellow is another color we are less sensitive to, but still pick up on. We associate yellow with positive energy, like happiness or we think of the sun. Some fast food places use red and yellow to trigger our hunger or cravings because we are the most sensitive to these colors. For example, McDonald’s sign is red and yellow. They purposely do that to get use to crave their food that they sell. It triggers are taste buds, especially the color red. When you look at the more popular fast food brands or even soda drinks, they all include red or different shades of red. Blue affiliates with death, sadness, and another. When we take a look into one of the most bluest times of year, winter, we tend to be more depressed and down rather than active as we tend to be more when its summer or fall. Are emotions and the way we act, it’s as if we suddenly slow down. I know I’m not personally a huge blue fan only because I don’t like being affiliated with a color that tends to be thought as sadness. I’m more happy and upbeat. So pinks, reds, purples, etc are colors that are more appropriate to represent me. We are the least sensitive when it comes to our eyes to the color blue. We tend to not pick those colors up right away. Green we think of earth, recycling, sometimes sickness, or even nature like trees or grass. It tends to be a color we don’t commonly like. Only because we think of sickness. For example, there is an emoji on the apple keyboard. It’s green and the facial expression is it vomiting. Purple we think of royalty and richness. For example, take a look into royal history. You’ll see royals wear purples and pinks to represent their wealth. Whenever we wear black, it tends to absorb the heat, whereas whit, reflects the heat. So during the summer months, the lighter the color, the more cool you’ll tend to be. That’s why during the winter time we wear darker colors because the sun isn’t out. However, we are the closest to the sun during the winter, whereas summer we are the furthest away. All these colors have consequences. For example, going back to blue, we are more emotional and depressed. Yellow we are happier and cheerful. The colors you wear do represent who you are and the kind of person you have become and are shaping to. We all have the common colors of black and white because they’re the basic of basic colors. They can be worn year round.

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