Dark Places: Negative Thoughts

We tend to gravitate towards our negative thoughts and emotions quickly compared to our other thoughts or feelings we have. It’s natural for us humans to always think the worse outcome possible. We tend to also gravitate towards people who are more negative than positive in our lives because we can relate to them easier or we feel more comfortable towards them, especially with whatever situation we are experiencing individually. This isn’t healthy for our mental health or even physical. For example, negative thoughts can lead to stress or anxiety. Sometimes with stress, depending on the person, they binge eat. To them food is comfort. However, if we aren’t careful with what we eat and how much of it, we can leave long term harm on our bodies. Stress can lead to all kinds of health risks, such as heart attacks, lack of sleep, or even acting carefree to name a few. We don’t realize what our thoughts can potentially do to us. For me, I try my best to constantly think positive because I’m the kind of person who enjoys being happy and positive, especially around others. Being happy and constantly smiling can make other people feel better or can change their day, just based on your attitude and your out look on life. Sometimes too, negative thoughts can leads to other outcomes like self harm. Self harm should be something no one should ever do to their body, however, due to depression or stress or others, it can be a way for that person to feel better. Our thoughts and feelings have a significant affect on other people. For example, if you’re tired, hungry, or having a bad day, if you’re venting to someone about it then say something negative to them, you can hurt their feelings whether it was your intention or not. Not being able to think clearly in that kind of situation needs to be addressed. Take a moment to calm yourself down and think what you’re about to say, especially if they’re your partner in life. You don’t want to hurt them too bad. We all have our bad and good days. It’s just life. Things always get better whether we want to believe it or not. We need to have hope as humans. Without hope then those negative thoughts and feelings will linger more in your mind. Although we naturally think more negatively than positively, it’s a good habit to start making good positive choices to help yourself think positive. I have a wall above my desk with little pink sticky notes. Each day as I’m getting ready in the morning I take a moment to look at these notes. They have messages like, “You’re beautiful everyday”, “Be you”, and “You’re an intelligent woman”. I feel overall more confident in myself. Another thing I do is if I’m feeling negative about the day, I vent to my journal. I have a journal filled with my thoughts and feelings about many different situations I have personally been in. You just have to figure out what works best for you and your overall health.

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