The Impact of Having a Pet

Having a pet is super powerful and impact on our everyday lives. From the smallest of pets, such as fish, to the biggest of animals, like horses, animals can make a difference on how we live. People with disabilities rely on animals to help them with how they live their lives. For example, people with seizures, dogs are specifically trained through a specific scent to react to whenever their owner has one. Sometimes it’s hard for parents to always be there for their child, especially if they work or they have other kids to attend to. Having animals can also be super therapeutic. Animals can sense when their owners are upset or going through rough times. For example, dogs will lick their owners to show love and support because they do care about us. Dogs don’t want us upset just as much as we don’t like seeing them in pain or suffering. Even if our dogs get on our nerves, we still love them just as much as they love us. Animals like horses having calming effects. There are many places where they open their stables up for people with special needs to come in and interact with the animals. Their attitudes change. Smiles all around. The horses are specially trained to behave certain ways with these kinds of people. Pets are family. For example, some people can’t have kids or refuse to have kids. Instead, they adopt furbishes. Those are their children instead of actual kids themselves. Kids are significantly more expensive than pets.

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