Body Positivity: Home Cooked Meals vs Eating Out

Home cooked meals are more beneficial than eating out. Eating out tends to have more processed foods and you only have a general idea of what’s inside. You always have to be careful too on where you decide to eat. Yes places like McDonald’s or Burger King are fast and easy, but you have to be careful too from what you get from there. It’s said that their “chicken” isn’t real. Now whether it’s true or not, the grease from the deep fryer can damage your body as well. Places like Chick-Fil-a or Panera bread have healthier options. For example, they have things like salads, soups, sandwiches, etc. If you’re out buying groceries always check the labels and calorie count. Things like fructose or corn syrup tend to cause major harm to our bodies. Cutting things like that out of our diets can make us more energetic, lose weight, and make us feel a lot better about ourselves. We go more of the nutrients we need by eating home cooked meals. Our bodies can’t handle processed constantly. It’s too much. Most people don’t recognize that. It harms our children and their development too. With all the fast food out there children are starting puberty as early as age 10. The chemicals we expose them to, also can harm their brain development. Eating fast food naturally makes us lazier. Whereas if you gravitate towards making our own meals it will give us the energy we need. I’ve noticed since eating a lot healthier and better I’m more awake and energized. I’m able to go through the day and not think much of it. Home cook meals should always be a priority to our bodies than fast food.

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