Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing father’s out there! May this day be filled with lots of joy and happiness. It’s a day to celebrate you and what an impact you make on our everyday lives. I am thankful for my father because although we don’t always see eye to eye or get along the best, I couldn’t ask for anyone else to be such an awesome dad. Also, to those single parents who play both roles as mom and dad, you are doing an amazing job! We all have our own limits, so for you to step up into that role is amazing and powerful. Your impact changes peoples lives, especially your own children. A father’s role is so important no matter the circumstances. For my experience at least, my father has taught me many life lessons good and bad. He’s taught things like how to do yard work, how to change a car tire, and that hard work pays off. Key things that I value and will use in my own life and for my future kids.

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