Distance in Relationships

When I lived in Bakersfield for school, I met someone who is just awesome! We became a couple. I moved back home to Visalia and it’s difficult finding time for us to spend time and to see eachother. We both work and sometimes we get very busy on the weekends. Distance being apart of a relationship is challenging, however if you’re willing to be effort it will show. To show that other person you really do care about them and you do want to be with them, do what you can to spend time with that other person, whether it’s a day, couple hours, or even just the weekend, it helps. Distance shouldn’t defy the relationship, you and your partner should. Yes it can be difficult at times to find the time or to make the time, but do your best. Your partner may have doubts if you don’t be effort, especially if they’re the ones who are putting more of an effort into things than you. It works both ways not just one. For example, I was in a year and a half relationship previously. I felt like I was always the one who did everything for that other person. It was always one sided. Don’t be one sided. If you feel that way then express yourself don’t hold back. If they truly do love and care for you they will listen and try. Distance is only as hard as you can make it. However it’s highly unlikely with effort things will turn for the worse. It gets better at least from my experiences.

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