There are two types of cheating, emotional and physical. Depending on our gender too we tend to gravitate towards one over the other. Women tend to be in more pain when their partner emotionally cheats, whereas men tend to get upset when women physically cheat. When it comes to our emotions, we can’t sometimes help the way we feel about things. It makes us human when we have emotions. Sometimes it can be the reverse, but it’s more and likely for these specific genders to gravitate to these forms of cheating. For example, I remember when I found out a former ex of mine was talking to multiple women while dating me, it crushed my heart inside because it makes me question if I was ever good enough for them or what am I doing wrong for them to act out in this way. Later on as I’ve grown older and learned more with life experiences, it wasn’t my fault. I did nothing wrong. That person didn’t deserve my time or energy. He didn’t value me or treat me very well. I was constantly taken for granted. Another example for physical cheating is when a woman sleeps with someone else or a man. Those people tend to keeps those things a secret till their partner finds out and blows up in their face. If you’re married and you cheat accidentally on your partner be honest with them. Any form of substance such as drugs or alcohol can effect our actions and how we act. We don’t always have clear thoughts. Try your best to work it out. Family comes first in these times. In my own experience emotional cheating hurts worse than physical because you invest time, energy, money, etc into that one person which causes feelings to develop over time. Men tend to not take women’s feelings into account. It’s just an observation I’ve made not only from my own past experiences but also from friends and families experiences too. Women when they tend to physically cheat on their partner they typically don’t have feelings for their partner anymore, but also don’t want to break their partners heart. Taking time apart helps to respark that love interest again.

Photo of my sister and I

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