Dandruff: My personal story

Hello gorgeous babes! Happy Friday 🙂 I thought about sharing one of my personal battles with dandruff. When I was born, I didn’t have really bad dandruff at all. It didn’t develop till I was either in the 5th or 6th grade. During this time period as well I had unfortunately developed lice. So that was also making it a lot worse than it probably should’ve been. I used head and shoulders for a few months just to see how it would’ve helped with my kind of hair plus the dandruff. Unfortunately it actually make it a lot worse for me than it probably should’ve been. I asked my parents one day, does anyone in our family have dandruff? For me I did not know anyone who also had it besides just me. Come to find out my late grandfather had dandruff as well. So it was at least nice to know I got it through genetics. I tried multiple shampoo suggestions by different hair stylist, until one day a gal had told me about Neutrogena and their brand called T/Gel therapeutic shampoo. Ever since using it I feel like my hair is so much healthier and under a lot more control. I don’t have to always worry about white flakes showing on my head or anything. It really does help my hair. So if you’re someone who also struggles with dandruff, try my recommendation of Neutrogena T/Gel formula. You can find it at Target, Walmart, or Amazon.

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