Types of Conflict

Pseudo: misinterpretation of words or teasing or badgering- requires a simplistic resolve.

•Fact: dispute over accuracy of a message.

•Value: disagreement involving deep-seated beliefs and/or values.

•Policy: disagreement about a course of action.

•Ego: stubborn rightness; face saving. 

•Trash-talking: sarcastic put downs.

•Meta: Conflict about conflict.

that they have incompatible goals.

Different Ways we deal with conflict:


•Ignore or avoid, lose/lose









Happy thanksgiving!

What are you the most thankful for?

I’m thankful for just about everything life has giving me. There isn’t anything I would change or alter about my past because it just makes me who I am today and I love the person that I am today 🙂 sorry this blog is short! Hope everyone has a safe but fun holiday!

What it means to be a mother

What does it mean to be a mother? A mother has many different meanings and purposes. To me a mother is someone who is going to be there for you through anything. They will give you so much love. The bond between mother and daughter or son is definitely a special feeling. No matter what happens in your lifetime you will always know who your mom is. The bond with your mother is unbreakable. She’s the ultimate best friend someone can ask for. The love you two share between each other is the purest and greatest form of love there is out there. Don’t take your mother for granted. She is the only woman who loves you truly and will accept you for who you are no matter what happens to you in your lifetime. Happy Mother’s Day to all the greatest mom’s there are out there!

Body Positive: The Impact of Surrounding Yourself with those who Love you

Surrounding yourself with people who truly value your time, energy, effort, opinion, and your overall existence, are the one who you should invest your own time and energy into. These are the people who are always going to have your back, to stick up for you, and support you no matter what happens. Also, they will always try to cheer you up during bad times. For example, when I went through an awful breakup, I had a lot of family and friend support from numerous of people. I felt loved and not alone, especially during a period of time where I didn’t know who I was because I felt very low at the time this occurred. When we make a big life decision that can make a significant change in everyday lifestyle, they will support you. For example, some medical procedure that’s becoming more common is gastric bypass surgery. Although from a medical stand point it isn’t ideal to get a surgery done like that because you have a high chance of relapsing because you’ll experience many food withdrawals. This surgery would work extremely well if you have family and friends all on board. If you’re someone doing it by yourself, you’ll have a chance of falling back to the bad habits. Also, if you have a partner, make sure they’re on board and will support you, even if you’re trying to convince them to give you the food you don’t need. They need a strong will just as much as you do. Deciding on what college to go to after high school can really determine what kind of future you want for yourself and your family. Some advice is, don’t make a decision if you feel pressured by other people. You will only make yourself unhappy. Yes, take what they say into account especially if it’s family and friends who do want the best for you and you know it in your heart. Sometimes, they are right. However, it’s your life. You’re the one in control of it. Not them, but you. If they don’t always agree with you, they will come around to your ideas and beliefs. Sometimes explaining it into detail or in a way to get them to understand, will help them ease their own way onto getting on board. Also, you’ll be over all more happy because they are the people who do want the best for you. Whenever I go home to spend time with family or friends, I am overall more happy and I have so much fun. We laugh, cry, have heart to hearts, and even argue, but that’s what life is all about. The good times and bad, however it’s up to you to determine what kind of future you want. Those people who may come from broken families, want a family themselves but surround them with love and support that they may have missed out on growing up, especially for a single parent environment. If you’re someone who raised their younger sibling, good for you! To step up and be there for your family is amazing and exciting. You’ve provided them a safe environment where they can always constantly come back to you. You have a bond with family especially because they’ve been there since the moment you came out of your mothers womb. Since I don’t live at home for most of the year now, I consider being around my boyfriend a safe environment. Him and his family has welcomed me with opens arms and they already consider me family. It’s the best feeling knowing if I’m going through something I always have him to be there for me. It’s like my best friend also. She has been there for me since the moment I got raped. She’s the only person who really understands me besides family. I know she will always be there for me and try her best to show love and support. Being around people who love you will help yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Do what’s best for you. Make yourself happy. It has an impact on being happy with yourself because it is your life. It is your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Sometimes even a loss of a family member can take a huge turn on emotions. For example, I lost my grandfather at the age of 4. I still have moment where I’m sensitive to talk about him because he was my best friend before dying. My family and friends are there for me during those emotional breakdowns. Instead of not eating or getting depressed, I feel like it’s a weight lifted off my chest and I’m supported by them. I’m more active instead of lazy and unmotivated. This helps my health.