Dream Journal: Dragon

So I was able to transform into a dragon there was this guy trying to hunt me down but never knew what my human state looked like. So I was grocery shopping with you one day and there was a robbery I literally picked my boyfriend up and flew him out of there because I wanted to protect my boyfriend. Then I went back to make sure everything was okay once I got you out of there and he was safe. This random dude comes over to me in my human form I’m out of my dragon form and tried to accuse me of drinking although I was sober af and I’m over here like wtf? He was a cop too so I was like okay go ahead and accuse me and test me cause I’ll pass with flying colors. So he tests me and I pass and he lets me go I’m like dude I could’ve been saving these people and yet you’re over here wasting my time laughs at me and asks me how can you possibly save them. I told him watch. As I’m running into the store I transform into my dragon state and I smacked the officer with my tail. Unfortunately this is the time I woke up so that’s where it ended 🙂 hope you guys enjoyed this dream of mine!

Body Positive: Skin Care Routine/ Products

Hey babes! I thought I’d take today to really talk to you guys about what I use for my skin!

So my secret so having such good skin is I use two products from Sephora as an everyday day and night skin time routine. The first product I use is an AMA Cleanse skin gel. It’s for the face, neck, and around the eyes. It has a blue tag. The benefits are that it tones and cleanses your skin. The ingredients are water, coco-glucoside, glycerin, xanthan, sodium PCA, parfum, citric acid, sodium Benzoate, potassium sorbate, aloe extract, and sodium hydroxide. Usually I use this while I shower right before I get out of the shower because you’re supposed to massage it over wet skin and rinse. The next product I use is a HYA super hydration all day hydrator. You can use this product as a primer but apply this when your skin is dry and all clean. It has a pink tag. There are too many ingredients to list so I’ll insert a picture of the ingredients instead. I recommend these two highly because my skin has looked way since using these two products on a daily 🙂

This is all my own opinion based on my own results.

Is there a true ideal weight?

We all are born differently. We have different traits eyes noses color of skin etc.. So is there really a perfect weight someone should be at? The answer is no. We all have unique bond structures that sometimes make most of our weight. For example, I have a thick bone structure, so most of my body is boney but I do have some muscle on me too. Women going through child birth, our bodies are never the same after giving birth to a child. We can try as hard as we can to slim down but it won’t be like it was before. There are those people who are always on the road for their jobs. For example, truckers who are sitting in a truck most of the time tend to be on the bigger side because they’re not exposed to exercise like other people are daily. Also fast food tends to be more convenient for them. We all can’t help the way we are. For some people it’s easier for them to lose weight than others. We have different life styles when it comes to work and being at home etc.. Some people are more attracted to bigger people than others. Some people like butts over boobs. Some people like a dad bod and others don’t. There is someone made for al of us. So why should we be judged on our weight? It makes us beautiful and unique individuals. Be happy with the way you are. You were made to be special whether it’s in your families eyes or others, it shouldn’t matter as long as you love yourself than that is what the biggest power there is. Some women with bigger boobs have self confidence issues because they don’t like the size of them. I have a friend who she loves her body for the most part but wishes her chest was smaller, she can’t help the way she was born. I think she is blessed to have big boobs! Sometimes I wish I had bigger boobs but I do love my boobs in the end. Who cares what people say or think about our weight, let you do you. With social media these days, we have the influencers who put into our heads that if you don’t look this way then you won’t get likes comments etc. you won’t become popular. We think oh if we look this way then we will get a woman or man but in all reality it’s not true. We shouldn’t conform to outside influences but who do because it’s hard to avoid it. l

Also happy birthday to my amazing boyfriend❤️

Dandruff: My personal story

Hello gorgeous babes! Happy Friday 🙂 I thought about sharing one of my personal battles with dandruff. When I was born, I didn’t have really bad dandruff at all. It didn’t develop till I was either in the 5th or 6th grade. During this time period as well I had unfortunately developed lice. So that was also making it a lot worse than it probably should’ve been. I used head and shoulders for a few months just to see how it would’ve helped with my kind of hair plus the dandruff. Unfortunately it actually make it a lot worse for me than it probably should’ve been. I asked my parents one day, does anyone in our family have dandruff? For me I did not know anyone who also had it besides just me. Come to find out my late grandfather had dandruff as well. So it was at least nice to know I got it through genetics. I tried multiple shampoo suggestions by different hair stylist, until one day a gal had told me about Neutrogena and their brand called T/Gel therapeutic shampoo. Ever since using it I feel like my hair is so much healthier and under a lot more control. I don’t have to always worry about white flakes showing on my head or anything. It really does help my hair. So if you’re someone who also struggles with dandruff, try my recommendation of Neutrogena T/Gel formula. You can find it at Target, Walmart, or Amazon.

Body Positivity: Beauty Marks

Beauty marks are marks, scars, bruises, moles, etc. that makes us individually unique and special in our own ways. It’s our way to show people that we have our marks to make us who we are. Some marks have stories behind them, especially permanent scaring. For example, I have a white birth mark that is about the size of a quarter on my stomach next to my belly button. I’ve had it my whole life as far as I know and I love it. It makes me unique and special because I have yet to see or meet someone with the same kind of birth mark as I have. Playing sports, I have acquired a permanent scar on my upper back thigh near my butt cheek. I love that scar because its a discoloration on my skin and it makes people wonder what had happened. Although it was just from many years of sliding on the ground. Even pigmentation’s are beautiful! To have that unique feature is what makes you extra beautiful and special in your own way. I had a former soccer teammate and she had burn marks from an accident she was in. They were so cool to look at and to learn her story about how she got them. I have a friend of mine, he has two scars on both of his arms that are super cool in my opinion to look at. He got them from an accident he went through as a kid on his motor bikes. Even simply coloring your hair is a representation of a beauty mark because it’s your hair that naturally grows on your body. You can color it, style it, do whatever you want to it because it represents you and your own style. Having freckles is beautiful! My mom and sister both have freckles and sometimes I’m jealous of them because I wish I could have freckles without having to draw them on or use makeup to make them. I had a mole on my neck and it never really bothered me to the point to get it removed. Unfortunately it’s gone now because of an idiot decision I made, but we all live and we learn. Loving our marks will make us happier with ourselves and what we look like. It’s a huge self confidence booster. I’ve noticed that ever since I’ve been able to accept myself for the way I am, I shine with confidence and joy. If you ever catch me in public I’m usually smiling, glowing with confidence, and always positive to be around. Sometimes we cant change marks on our bodies. For example, tattoos. Sometimes we regret the things we put on our bodies , from tattoos to even some piercings. However, we learn from these experiences. I’ve watched some shows where these people get some ridiculous tattoos. Some have their ex’s name or a picture of someone to name a few. They go into tattoo parlors to get them fixed. If you’re going to get some permanent as that, make sure you’re 100% on board with it. Even getting a piercing. For example, some people enjoy getting face piercings. That’s them expressing their own unique individuality. Even stretch marks of all kinds are gorgeous. It represents our paths of life. I have a lot on my lower half of my body and it surprises me at first when I get a stretch mark, but I love them. It’s showing me that my body is changing for the best. Even having stretch marks from carrying a baby is beautiful! You carried a living being inside of you. Embrace those marks. Show the world how beautiful you really are, especially after having a baby. Having a massive weight lost and looking at the stretch marks you had, can really have a powerful meaning. You came so far from where you were before. Show off your smoking body! Strut your stuff. I know after losing about 10 pounds I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Embrace your own unique self! There isn’t anything more sexy or attractive than a confident person! Self love is the best kind of love there is out there 🙂