Dream Journal: Dragon

So I was able to transform into a dragon there was this guy trying to hunt me down but never knew what my human state looked like. So I was grocery shopping with you one day and there was a robbery I literally picked my boyfriend up and flew him out of there because I wanted to protect my boyfriend. Then I went back to make sure everything was okay once I got you out of there and he was safe. This random dude comes over to me in my human form I’m out of my dragon form and tried to accuse me of drinking although I was sober af and I’m over here like wtf? He was a cop too so I was like okay go ahead and accuse me and test me cause I’ll pass with flying colors. So he tests me and I pass and he lets me go I’m like dude I could’ve been saving these people and yet you’re over here wasting my time laughs at me and asks me how can you possibly save them. I told him watch. As I’m running into the store I transform into my dragon state and I smacked the officer with my tail. Unfortunately this is the time I woke up so that’s where it ended 🙂 hope you guys enjoyed this dream of mine!

Is there a true ideal weight?

We all are born differently. We have different traits eyes noses color of skin etc.. So is there really a perfect weight someone should be at? The answer is no. We all have unique bond structures that sometimes make most of our weight. For example, I have a thick bone structure, so most of my body is boney but I do have some muscle on me too. Women going through child birth, our bodies are never the same after giving birth to a child. We can try as hard as we can to slim down but it won’t be like it was before. There are those people who are always on the road for their jobs. For example, truckers who are sitting in a truck most of the time tend to be on the bigger side because they’re not exposed to exercise like other people are daily. Also fast food tends to be more convenient for them. We all can’t help the way we are. For some people it’s easier for them to lose weight than others. We have different life styles when it comes to work and being at home etc.. Some people are more attracted to bigger people than others. Some people like butts over boobs. Some people like a dad bod and others don’t. There is someone made for al of us. So why should we be judged on our weight? It makes us beautiful and unique individuals. Be happy with the way you are. You were made to be special whether it’s in your families eyes or others, it shouldn’t matter as long as you love yourself than that is what the biggest power there is. Some women with bigger boobs have self confidence issues because they don’t like the size of them. I have a friend who she loves her body for the most part but wishes her chest was smaller, she can’t help the way she was born. I think she is blessed to have big boobs! Sometimes I wish I had bigger boobs but I do love my boobs in the end. Who cares what people say or think about our weight, let you do you. With social media these days, we have the influencers who put into our heads that if you don’t look this way then you won’t get likes comments etc. you won’t become popular. We think oh if we look this way then we will get a woman or man but in all reality it’s not true. We shouldn’t conform to outside influences but who do because it’s hard to avoid it. l

Also happy birthday to my amazing boyfriend❤️

Dating for Women

For women we are people who typically look for something more serious rather than someone just for friends with benefits or open relationship. We tend to want commitment from our partner because it shows us that they’re just as serious about us as we are about them. It’s like reassurance to us. From my point of view, I’ve noticed that through my life I was going towards men that didn’t want anything serious and just wanted a booty call, which wasn’t what I wanted but it still gave me the dating experience I needed to know what I want or didn’t want in my life long partner. Dating is a great way to get that experience. For example if you think you have a certain type then date that type you gravitate towards that way you know if this is something or someone you really do want. It’s good to have different experiences too because you need to think about what do you really want? I asked myself that before I met my boyfriend. I thought I knew but turned out I wasn’t sure. I went on a few dates here and there, which I learned from these experiences and lead me closer to finding my person. We also tend to get jealous very easily so being in an open relationship isn’t very ideal if you’re wanting to be serious with just one person. If you’re someone who wants an open relationship, props to you. I wouldn’t be able to do it. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. We all have our own insecurities and flaws, but finding that person who can not only accept your flaws but embraces them in a positive way should lead you down the right track. It helps to have self confidence too. That’s one of the characteristics most men tend to go for. If you’re someone who struggles with self confidence, that’s okay. Maybe you’re just not ready yet. I wasn’t ready yet for a very long time. I had to rediscover myself first. Discover what you really value too in someone. For example, I value honesty respect generosity and their strive towards goals they have set for themselves to name a few. I’ve looked back in my past and I realized and thought to myself why would I settle for less than what I deserve? I shouldn’t settle, I should want more. We all come from different backgrounds of the dating realm. Some of us with little experience some of us with a lot, as long as you take that time to really know what you want for yourself that should be your own priority.

Dream journal: Debate about laundry

Hey gorgeous babes! Hope you guys had an amazing Fourth of July! There have been a couple of pretty intense earthquakes here in California. So to my audience members who are also from California I hope you’re safe and everything is okay 🙂

The intense debate about laundry was a dream I had a couple nights ago. My boyfriend and I decided to get a pretty good size apartment for just us and a couple of guests or family members to visit. I woke up to him in my dream one morning just in utterly love and embrace and warmth I have for him. We get out of bed and start to make breakfast for us and our friends who decided to stay the night. We all had a great conversation about snoring and farting in our sleep because why not! Who doesn’t fart or snore in their sleep we all do one of them at some point in our life. Then we all had to do laundry at once and there was only one washer and dryer in our apartment. We grabbed white boards and paper to write down our stats onto who goes first for doing laundry. We kept on bickering back and fourth about who had the most, who usually takes the longest, or who uses the least amount of detergent. The dream had ended with us having a Rock Paper Scissors battle. Ultimately I was crowned victor!!!

How to Show Your Significant other is Important To You

Sometimes your partner in life has moment when he or she feels like things are going so well. For example, there maybe times when you or your partner get really busy and are unable to talk to you like they’re used to or even see eachother. To show your partner that you really do care about them, go out of your way to make time for them whether it’s 5 minutes 10 minutes or even 1 hour long, so show your partner despite what’s happening at that moment in time, make time for them! Actions always speak louder than words. You can sit there and tell your partner, “I’m sorry it won’t happen again”. However does that really do anything to make them feel better? Being a woman we sometimes get thoughts from not hearing back from our partners. These thoughts consist of cheating, scandal, or doing things we just don’t appreciate all together. Reassure your partner. See them, make time for them, let them know how they mean to you, or even a simple text here and there to let them know you’re alright, would make an impact. We are all insecure about something it’s just how us humans are. I’m personally insecure about people who cheat on me. I have a past where many people have cheated on me and don’t think much of it. Thankfully I’ve learned and grown from it since, but I still have those thoughts lingering because I’m used to being taken advantage of. Thankfully so far in my current relationship I don’t have to worry about none of that, but still. We have those thoughts of what if? If you’re the one who is insecure, tell your partner how you’re feeling. They don’t always know your feelings. If you express yourself then they can get an idea of what your feelings are in that moment of time. If your the person hearing this, do whatever you can in your power to make your partner feel important wanted valued. For example, buy them flowers, take them to dinner, just so something. Don’t sit there and do nothing because it’s not going to help the situation at all. It will eventually get worse and slap you in the face. We us people can control situations by the choices we make every single day. If you’re in a marriage and let’s say you go on a company vacation and you’ll be gone for a week, call your partner everyday. If you call them every day they’ll know you’re okay and you’re enjoying yourself. If they don’t hear from you, then they worry about your safety. We control ultimately the way we act or behave. If you really love that person, show them. Don’t sit around and do nothing. Show them how much they do mean to you. Even if it’s something little, it’s still better than nothing at all. Your partner should always be one of your top priorities. He or she may not be number 1 or 2 but they should still be up there. If they’re last, then you’re doing something wrong. You don’t care about that person. Leave them. If you’re feelings do love and care about your partner, do something. For example, since moving back home I haven’t been able to travel back to see my boyfriend. I finally have the time to go and see him when he’s not busy or I am. It’s the little things like that. Even if it’s not all day just a few hours, it makes all the difference.