Dream journal: Debate about laundry

Hey gorgeous babes! Hope you guys had an amazing Fourth of July! There have been a couple of pretty intense earthquakes here in California. So to my audience members who are also from California I hope you’re safe and everything is okay 🙂

The intense debate about laundry was a dream I had a couple nights ago. My boyfriend and I decided to get a pretty good size apartment for just us and a couple of guests or family members to visit. I woke up to him in my dream one morning just in utterly love and embrace and warmth I have for him. We get out of bed and start to make breakfast for us and our friends who decided to stay the night. We all had a great conversation about snoring and farting in our sleep because why not! Who doesn’t fart or snore in their sleep we all do one of them at some point in our life. Then we all had to do laundry at once and there was only one washer and dryer in our apartment. We grabbed white boards and paper to write down our stats onto who goes first for doing laundry. We kept on bickering back and fourth about who had the most, who usually takes the longest, or who uses the least amount of detergent. The dream had ended with us having a Rock Paper Scissors battle. Ultimately I was crowned victor!!!

What it means to be a mother

What does it mean to be a mother? A mother has many different meanings and purposes. To me a mother is someone who is going to be there for you through anything. They will give you so much love. The bond between mother and daughter or son is definitely a special feeling. No matter what happens in your lifetime you will always know who your mom is. The bond with your mother is unbreakable. She’s the ultimate best friend someone can ask for. The love you two share between each other is the purest and greatest form of love there is out there. Don’t take your mother for granted. She is the only woman who loves you truly and will accept you for who you are no matter what happens to you in your lifetime. Happy Mother’s Day to all the greatest mom’s there are out there!